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Tax Forms

As part of cost-cutting measures, the IRS has reduced their library tax forms distribution program so that we will no longer receive instruction booklets for federal forms. In addition, the only forms we will receive are 1040, 1040-A, and 1040-EZ. All other forms must be printed from the Internet or copied from our book of reproducible forms. The book will be available at the circulation desk. Library staff can help you with copying and printing forms, but cannot offer advice on which forms you need. Printing and copying costs for these forms will be $.05/page--$.10 for a two-sided page. We currently have Federal Forms 1040-A and 1040-EZ. We have also received the state instruction booklets but have no state forms.

The following websites offer forms and information for filing your taxes:

Lovebug Invasion

After School Program
Wednesday, Feb. 11
Join us in making ladybug mailboxes, ladybug valentines, decorating ladybug cupcakes, and participate in the ladybug relays! There will be prizes for everyone. Class is full.

Donate to the Library

You will notice on each page of our website there is now a donation button which allows you to specify any amount that you wish to donate to the library. The transaction is handled through PayPal but you can donate even without a PayPal account. After clicking on the Donate button, there is a credit card option available for those not having a PayPal account. All donations to the library through this method will be deposited into the General Fund and used for general operating expenses of the library. If you wish to designate a donation for a particular use, please contact the Director of the library at 419-446-2783.