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Accelerated Readers

Now in our catalog, you have the ability to search for Accelerated Reader books according to reading level or interest level. You can indicate a set reading level or a range of levels. It is not necessary to enter search terms, such as title or author. Simply choose a reading level and click "search" and all titles that match your search level will appear. If you search by a range of reading levels, you can further refine the search results by choosing one of the categories on the left side of the page. For example, click on AR Reading Level to display more defined results.

This search feature is only available in the main catalog; however, books in the Kids Catalog will display all of the AR information for each AR book. In the full record of an AR book, the point level, interest level, and quiz number will be displayed. You can find this search feature to the right of the search box in the main catalog.


Closed for Conference



On Friday, April 17, the library will be closed for the day so staff can attend the Northwest Chapter Conference of the Ohio Library Council in Toledo. This is a great time for staff to rejuvenate, connect with staff from other libraries, and participate in continuing education workshops--and have a little fun while exploring ways to improve our library and services.

No items will be due that day; however, any items may be returned in the drop boxes outside the library.

Please help us spread the word that if a child is normally picked up after school at the library, parents should be aware that the building and access to the phone will not be available that day.

ECO Discovery Program

Wednesday, April 15

3:30-4:30 pm

Our friend, Maureen Schell from ECO Discovery, will be here to help us learn about Earth Day, which is April 22. She will read a story about a local habitat and bring her new bunny to visit. He is a Netherland Dwarf and according to Maureen, is very friendly. His name is Alvin and was named after the children's author, Alvin Tresselt, who wrote nature books for children.

All ages are welcome, but parents may want to stay with their youngest children. No registration is required.

Digital Magazines

The Ohio Digital Library (ODL)has expanded its digital collection with the addition of OverDrive Periodicals. This new collection features over 40 popular digital magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Family Handyman, Guideposts, ESPN the Magazine, and more. All periodicals available on the ODL are in the NOOK format, which means that they must be read on a NOOK tablet device or by using the free NOOK reading app available for a multitude of smartphones and tablets. The NOOK app is available from the Windows Store for PC's or tablets using Windows 8, the Apple Store for iPad and iPhone, or Google Play for Android devices.

Users can borrow up to 3 periodicals from The ODL at a time.  Currently there are 41 magazines in the collection.  Right now only the current issue will be available.  Soon previous issues (within the subscription timeframe) will be available. 

Magazines are simultaneous use so multiple users can checkout magazines at the same time.  There are various quantities to how many users or circulations/issue are available, depending on the magazine.  The current collection contains magazines with 100, 200, 250, 500 and unlimited circs per issue. Magazines do not need to be returned (no loan period), but can be manually removed, if needed. If you have any questions about this new feature, ask a library staff member for assistance.

Smartphones and Library Cards

Never forget your library card again (unless you forget your phone)! Simply scan and store your library card on your smartphone and present this barcode in the same way you would your library card. The app, CardStar, is one most often used in other libraries and we have tested this app with our scanners. It is available for both Apple and Android devices. This app allows you to name the card you scan so parents could scan all of their children's cards to their phone as well. As with any app, familiarize yourself with how the app works and what information it requires prior to downloading. There are other apps that work the same so if CardStar is not for you, you may try an alternate app and we will test it with our barcode scanners. If you have any questions, please ask at the circulation desk.

Donate to the Library

You will notice on each page of our website there is now a donation button which allows you to specify any amount that you wish to donate to the library. The transaction is handled through PayPal but you can donate even without a PayPal account. After clicking on the Donate button, there is a credit card option available for those not having a PayPal account. All donations to the library through this method will be deposited into the General Fund and used for general operating expenses of the library. If you wish to designate a donation for a particular use, please contact the Director of the library at 419-446-2783.